Rating System

In most of the information lists the entries are marked with a 'Rating' from 1 to 3. This is intended to give some guide to how relevant the entry is to performance art.

1 is the lowest rating and 3 the highest. Although all of the organisations listed on this site should have some involvement in performance art the rating system should give an idea of to what degree.

For example - a venue with a rating of 1 will only occasionally programme performance art, 2 means they may have a small but regular programme and 3 means that performance art is an important part of the venues regular programme.

An educational institution with a rating of 1 may just have one or two teachers on the staff who support performance art. A rating of 3 means they probably have a specific course of education specialising in performance art or a similar discipline.

Artists sections are not rated because all the events and artists listed are specifically involved in Performance Art.

A '?' in the Ratings field means I do not have enough information to rate the organisation - suggestions are welcome.

Please note: the ratings system is only a very rough guide intended to help sift through the information. It is not intended as any overall judgement on the organisation.

Some people may find the rating system inappropriate and pointless. This may be the case. However, it has been a useful coding system for me while extracting the listed information from my main database. It is included here for those who may find it useful, otherwise it can be ignored.