Annie M. Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens (US)
Carolee Schneemann (US)
Stuart Brisley (UK)
Esther Ferrer (FR)
Tania Bruguera (US/CU)
Gaspard Buma (CH)

Video documentation from a series of three festivals in Bern, Lausanne and Basel, Switzerland featuring 26 artists.

Performance Saga transmits and updates the history of performance art and promotes a dialogue between generations. The project includes the conception and commissioning of performance pieces, the publication of video interviews with women pioneers of performance art and the organisation of events.

Performance Saga is a project by the artist Andrea Saemann and the art historian Katrin Grögel, both based in Basel, Switzerland.
Three Performance Saga Festivals were held in 2008/2009. The DVDs feature work from both performance pioneers and emerging artists who were featured in the festivals.

Disks 1 & 2 feature work from the festival in Bern.

The artists featured are: Alison Knowles (US) & Die Maulwerker (DE), Carolee Schneemann (US), Kate McIntosh (BE/NZ), Irene Loughlin (CA) & Jorge de Leon (GT), Peter Vittali (CH), Wagner-Feigl-Forschung (AT/DE), Muda Mathis (CH), Martha Rosler (US), Gaspard Buma (CH), Annie M. Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens (US), Sands Murray-Wassink & Robin Wassink-Murray (NL).

Disks 3 & 4 feature work from the Lausanne and Basel festivals.

The artists featured are: Tania Bruguera (US/CU), Robin Deacon (UK), Katia Bassanini (CH/US), Stuart Brisley (UK), Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill (CH/DE), Markus Gössi (CH), Simone Rüssli (ES/CH), MIRZLEKID (CH), Andrea Saemann (CH), Esther Ferrer (FR), Hina Strüver (CH), Lena Eriksson (CH) & Varsha Nair (IN/TH), Gaspard Buma (CH).

This four disk pack contains over four hours of video material documenting 28 separate performances. Each disk also includes additional background information, contact details for each artist and texts from the writing workshops conducted by Open Dialogues in conjunction with the festivals.

The videos are either spoken in English, French or German and have English or German subtitles where appropriate.

Total duration of DVD set: approx. 360 minutes

Curated by Andrea Saemann & Katrin Grögel
DVD production by Christopher Hewitt
Published January 2011 by liveartwork
Supported by Swisslos-Fonds & Basel-Stadt

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