Previous experience and current practice

Teaching Experience Lectures and Workshops

May 2004
Turku Arts Academy
Performance Art Specialisation Studies
Lecturer/Course Co-ordinator

May 1999 Aug. 2003
Turku Arts Academy
Head of Interdisciplinary Studies
Course leader of the 'Crossing Borders' BA degree programme

I have also taught as a visiting lectuer for three years running on the summer residencies of the Transart Institute MFA programme based in Linz, Austria (www.transartinstitute.org) and have also visited the Live Art and Performance Studies programme at the Helsinki Theatre Academy several times over the past six years as a guest teacher.


Brief descriptions of the lectures and workshops that I currently offer are listed here. Please contact me if you would be interested in more detailed descriptions of each workshop.


Performance Art History A general overview of the development of performance art from the early 20th Century onwards and how it related to the other art movements of the period. Can be presented in a range of forms from a two hour lecture to a three day seminar with practical performance elements.

What is Live Art? An indepth look at the development of the term Live Art and the artists that it encompasses. With a specific focus on the emergence of Live Art practice in Britian during the 1980s and 90s. Presented as a week long seminar with extensive video documentation.

Contemporary Interdisciplinary Practice This lecture looks at the art world's current interest in interdisciplinary practices, process and project based work.

Contemporary Performance Theatre An international overview of current practice by artists working in the area of Performance Theatre (i.e. groups working with live art or experimental theatre).


Introduction to Performance Art as Practice and Advanced Performance Practice These are both practical workshops dealing with making and presenting performance art. The introductory workshop is intended for student groups with little or no experience of performance art. The Advanced workshop is for students with an interest in developing a personal practice in performance art.

Performance Reconstruction Using examples of historical performance art as a starting point, students will be encouraged to make imaginative reconstructions of some of the classic performance works. A presentation of the lecture Performance Art History is a key part of this workshop.

Physical and Conceptual Environments This workshop explores definitions of environment and location by expanding the notions into conceptual as well as physical space. Virtual environments including video, photography, the internet, text, history, imagination etc. will also be explored.

Process and Ephemerality A practical exploration of how to construct and develop a conceptual artistic process and how to confront issues of ephemerality in artistic production.

Documentation as Theory, Concept and Practice - Exploring the issues surrounding the use of documentation and how it can become an intrinsic part of the creative process in its own right. Normally presented as a week long workshop involving a series of lectures, practical tasks and group feedback sessions.