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I am a Berlin based, freelance filmmaker offering services for filming live events. I specialise in the video documentation of live theatre, dance and performance art. I have been documenting live performances for over 10 years and have experience filming a broad range of work including durational performances, installations, site specific work and documenting entire festivals.

Fees for filming a typical stage performance with a duration of about 60 to 90 minutes start at €400 for filming with one camera to €600 for filming with two cameras. The fee includes making a full length edit of the video material and, if required, editing a short trailer. The fee is negotiable for filming with more cameras, for events of a longer duration or filming multiple performances. Quotes can be provided on request.

I can offer simultaneous documentation with up to four cameras. I will normally film and edit in 4K video format and can provide the edited material in whatever format is required. I also have range of professional microphones and audio equipment to ensure a high quality audio recording of any event.



If you have any questions or want a quote for filming an event, please contact me at:

Christopher Hewitt

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